PARTNER STORIES: The History of Classic and Sports Finance


Here at Classic Trade, we're proud to be partnered with some fantastic companies and 'Classic and Sports Finance' is no exception! We'd like to share with you the history of how this industry-shaking organisation got started (in their own words!) and just why you should hop over to their website to take a closer look at their brilliant service. 



'Classic & Sports Finance are able to provide flexible funding options for almost any car or asset, utilising our panel of private banks and lenders. Our team is passionate about what we do, and we understand the collector car market better than anyone. Since 1999, we have provided funding for classic, sports, vintage and racing cars with no limit on the age or type of vehicle we can finance. As well as vehicles, we also provide funding for other assets including, but not limited to boats, planes, equipment, machinery and jewellery.

Having pioneered the lending of collectable vehicles and assets, a diverse and dedicated panel of private banks and lenders are available, who trust in us to deliver the very best service and the very best products for our clients. Our dedication, experience and knowledge of the market ensures we always have access to funding facilities, often being able to do business where others cannot. Offering the best possible advice on how, what and where to buy.

We are known across the classic and collector car industry for offering excellent service and sound advice to both buyers and dealers as well as providing the latest market analysis and commentary to the media. host a range of events each year for our clients including track days, talks and tours. Furthermore, we have access and tickets to a huge range of world class events we share with our clients and friends.

Utilising years of knowledge and relationships, we partner with over 50 collector car dealers in the UK, each handpicked by our team. While you can buy from dealers beyond our network or even privately, our relationships ensure you can proceed with confidence. We also partner with a huge range of services providers from car storage to car care, again each picked for their experience and professionalism. Passionate and dedicated to the motoring world, we partner and sponsor car clubs, motor racing championships and industry specialists.'


This article was courtesy of (source): 'Classic and Sports Finance'.

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